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Humble Warrior Movement Arts is a multi-faceted movement company based in Denver, Colorado. Our goal is to provide safe and effective physical training as well as brave and affecting physical storytelling.

Humble Warrior seeks to serve the community by presenting opportunities for high caliber movement classes and workshops which not only build physical skill sets but also ignite conversation, enhance awareness, and inspire growth. 

We also offer services to theatrical productions looking to develop and enhance the physical storytelling of moments of violence or intimacy on stage in the work in safe, consensual, and dynamic ways. 


Redemption: Tournament of Heroes

Writer, Director & Fight Director: Samantha Egle

Keep climbing

Keep Climbing is our motto and our mission.

We believe in building braver spaces for stronger artists to make better work.


Each process, project, or production is an opportunity to pursue excellence and experience how we can make more effective and affecting work within the collaborative art form of theatre. 


We strive to embrace evolution and innovation, invest in education and advocacy within the fields of our expertise. Our continued dedication to development of the craft is what will bring the best work to the spaces in which we work and the stories we endeavor to tell. 

Humble Warrior offerings include:

Theatrical Fight Direction

Theatrical Intimacy Direction

Dramatic Combat Training

 Skills Proficiency Test Classes for the SAFD

Consent , Communication & Closure for the Stage Training

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