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Dynamic stories often involve conflict.

Should that conflict lead to violent physical choices, a fight director specializes in developing that movement bringing the story to life so it's affecting for the audience and safe for the performers. 

Samantha has been directing dramatic combat for 10 years and choreographed everything from running into a door to mass battles. 

Her work has been seen on the stages of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver Children’s Theatre, Athena Project Festival, Lagoon Theme Park, New York Fringe Festival, The BiTSY Stage, Mizel Center for Arts and Culture, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Denver and numerous other educational institutions in Colorado. 

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Samantha is a Certified Teacher with the

Society of American Fight Directors

She presently serves as the SAFD's

Regional Representative for the Rocky Mountains 

She teaches Skills Proficiency Test classes in the following weapon disciplines: 






  Single Sword

  Rapier & Dagger

  Sword & Shield

She has additionally trained with and received advanced certifications from the following organizations: 

  Fight Directors Canada

  The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc.

  British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat

  Nordic Stage Fight Society



She has taught at Northwestern University, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver School of the Arts, SAFD National Workshop, The Paddy Crean Workshop, University of Denver, and numerous regional workshops around the country.


She also teaches workshops in most disciplines to all folks ages 14+. 

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