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Chemistry & Contact
Foundations of Sensual Intimacy Choreography

Taught by IDC Certified Intimacy Director, Samantha Egle


*BIPOC/Global Majority, Student, Public School (K-12) Teacher Discounts available.


Hosted at Whole Body Studios 

 747 S. University Blvd, Denver, CO

While “Journeys end in lovers' meeting”, our work as intimacy choreographers only begins there. In this class we’ll explore ways to sustainably portray chemistry as well as the nuances of simple acts of contact that draw in an audience and deepen their connection to two character’s love story. We will engage in partner and group exercises to examine the choreographic elements that actors can employ and choreographers and directors can utilize to enhance intimate moments and more specifically tell a story through touch. 

Please note – Some facilitated exercises may invite touching (handshakes, handholding, hugging etc. - no kissing or simulated sexual action); intimate touch is never required, and modifications are always welcomed.

Prerequisites: Collaborative Consent for Theatre Artists (Formerly Introduction to Consent for Theatre Artists)

This workshop is open to individuals ages 18 and up.

This workshop is open to any and all in the theatre, including performers, directors, stage managers, movement choreographers, administrators, producers, designers, and more. Participants should be prepared to participate in exercises from the perspective of actors.

Cancellations made 14 days prior to the start date are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made between 14-3 days prior to the start date are eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellations made after within 3 days of the start date are NOT eligible for a refund unless a doctor's note is provided.

*Please contact us to process a withdrawal/refund and/or to discuss extenuating circumstances including a positive COVID-19 Test.


$65 • 2 hr class time POSTPONED - DATE TBD

Our work as artists centers around the collective, collaborative experience. We make requests of one another, to perform, to direct, to design etc. Beneath those larger umbrellas come the smaller specific requests. How do we communicate our consent with confidence or our boundaries with comfort? This workshop will serve as a launching point for these conversations and what it means to curate a brave and safe space. Theatre artists of all disciplines are welcome to join us as we engage in discussion and practical exercises to explore the concept of consent and tools for developing and enhancing communication. No kissing or complex intimacy choreography will be engaged, some light contact may be included but will be entirely voluntary.

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