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"Intimacy Direction is the codified practice of choreographing moments of staged intimacy in order to create safe, repeatable, and effective storytelling. 


The Intimacy Director is more than a choreographer; they are an advocate for the ensemble and for each actor. The Intimacy Director takes responsibility for the emotional safety of the actors and anyone else in the rehearsal hall while they are present." ~ Intimacy Directors International

WHAT IS Intimacy Direction?

Samantha's journey with intimacy direction grew out of her work as a fight director. The theatrical cannon offers many stories where physical conflict has intimate or sexual aspects. Since the emergence of this specialty as a professional field in 2016, Samantha has been pursuing her education and artistic development.

She has choreographed intimacy on stages in Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins. Her work advocating to bring this conversation to the Colorado theatre community has seen her teaching consent workshops and producing workshops with internationally renowned instructors. She recently led an Open Forum Discussion co-hosted by the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and Colorado Theatre Guild.

She is currently an Apprentice with Intimacy Directors International and has attended several workshops including their 9 Day Choreographers Intensive. 

In 2019, she served as a resident artist at Arena Stage leading a series of Intimacy for the Stage workshops. 



An intimacy director works as a collaborative member of the artistic team of a theatrical production developing the choreography of moments of intimacy be it character chemistry or physical interactions from holding hands to hugging, kissing to simulated sex on stage. 


Samantha is available to teach Consent and Introduction workshops. She is also dedicated to producing educational events with experienced instructors.


Work as an intimacy consultant can range from leading a workshop with a cast of a production, offering perspectives on existing choreography, serving as a third party resource and advocate in the space, to helping an organization develop protocols.

It does not include work in which choreography is developed. 

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Small Mouth Sounds

Directed by Tasia A. Jones Intimacy Direction by Samantha Egle Theatreworks at UCCS 2020