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Rose Academy of Armes

Fight Master Ian Rose has an immeasurable passion for teaching and for stage combat. He has traditionally taught a live Monday night class in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA for the past several years. 

With the current closures resultant of COVID-19 protocols, live classes have been suspended and he's teaming up with Humble Warrior Movement Arts to go VIRTUAL!

Every Monday Night join Fight Master Ian Rose for VIRTUAL Stage Combat Classes!

Consideration will be given of how to approach the work in your home and without theatrical weapons should you not have access to them.

He'll also endeavor to give individualized feedback to students throughout the class and answer your questions. 




Is the best defense a good offense? What if you can have both? Join us to explore the system of this classic pairing: The Sword & Shield. In these 10 sessions, we will cover the basics of safe usage of the Sword & Shield either on stage or for film.  All the practical defenses and safe attacks will be addressed and worked into a scenario with a “ladder buddy” for a final presentation before a Fight Master.     


Class starts at 6:00 pm EDT

Classes will last 1 hour 

Classes are $12 

Discount if purchase class package! ($2 off per class)


These classes will be recorded and made available for purchase and engagement. Just scroll down!

Only the previous week's class will be available so we hope you'll follow along with us in real time week to week if you can't join us live. 



Classes have ended -

Recordings Available

​A drill based class exploring the foundations of our skill set utilizing footwork within various swordplay systems.

Currently exploring Rapier & Dagger. 

Classes are $5. See this page for more information.


All classes are recorded and posted on our website.

Please click and fill out this form before participating.

Please ask anyone engaging in this video with you to fill out the form as well. 

You only need to fill this out once and then you are free to engage in any and all content produced and presented by Humble Warrior Movement Arts LLC

Thank you!




Ian considers this the best overall




They don’t have to be super solid for safety purposes, like they would with a partner but they need to be able to take a good solid thwack.  No cardboard, only solid rigid materials.  


The interior can be a grip with a boss like this buckler

or the forearm strapped to the flat of the interior as in this one


IT would be best if you can both center grip the shield and also have the ability to strap your forearm to the interior.




Center grip


The strapping is adequate on this one but the strap goes the wrong way, it should go along the up down line of the shield or at a diagonal.


Make your own:

Using this polypropylene sled you can make a shield that you can alternately strap your arm to or grip by the straps

 You just punch holes where you want your arm and hand to go slide soft rope through the holes and tie them together as you like. 


You can make your own out of plywood and front it with steel and covered with leather, this is more complicated but I am happy to share my design.  


Good for stage and film

All that said you can buy a perfectly good shield from Rogue Steel for not that much


And this one is available at Kult of Athena for a very reasonable price you just need to drill the arm strap holes and add the arm strap


Eli Lynn makes a great shield to your specs

Price upon demand

S&S Equipment


Watch these Tutorials!

Neither Humble Warrior Movement Arts nor Ian Rose are responsible for the outcome of the product, any results of the building process or use of the prop constructed by any one individual.

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