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Granke, Poulton, Egle

4:15 pm EST

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Rapier & Dagger


Ian Rose

6:00 pm EST

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Articulations of Intimacy

Dec 1

Protecting Your Props

Dec 8


Dec 15

Capturing Action

Dec 3


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Articulations of Intimacy - Recording (Live not available)

Capturing Action - Live or Recording

Protect Your Props - Live or Recording

Closure - Live or Recording

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Black Lives Matter - BIPOC Lives Matter - BIPOC Artists Matter - BIPOC Art Matters


At Humble Warrior Movement Arts we want everyone in the room where it happens.

We want more BIPOC folks in the room, in our industry, in the arts. 

If you are a Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, or Person of Color,

we would love to have you join us in our classes this fall.

Please take advantage of this discount code to receive 50% off of your class tuition to all of our offerings. 


Let us know if you have any questions.

Additionally, for those with the energy and interest, our door is always open to hear from you about how we can facilitate more inclusive and diverse spaces.


Thank you for being a part of the HWMA community. You are valued. 


We record many of our classes and make the recordings available for the week between classes.

How do you get access you ask? 

Register for the class in advance via our Book Now Page and

you'll get an email with the link sent within 24 hours

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Classes are only available for 7 days after the live class took place.



All workshops will be:

90 Minutes

$20 USD

BIPOC 50% Discount Code: BIPOCWW2020

Recorded so you can register to join us live or attend asynchronously.

Access to the recording if you join us live.

Recordings will be available for 7 days after the live event.

Space is limited in the live workshops!

Register for the Live Workshop ONLY if you're available to attend the entire session.

Photo from DCPA Vietgone

Directed by Seema Sueko

Intimacy by Samantha Egle


with                                               6:30 - 8:00 pm EST

Siobhan Richardson

Intimacy Director & Coordinator, Fight Director & Instructor

Co-Founder of Intimacy Directors International 

The marks of an affecting story of intimacy often lie in the subtle ways we tell it. In this workshop, we will seek to investigate ways that breath, voice, and tone add depth and authenticity to a story, the ways they allow for connection with an audience, and how they can provide a performer with an avenue of agency to craft the story and imbue it with character. Through discussion, demonstration, and guided exploration, Siobhan will offer ideas, tools, and techniques for artists to expand their vocal vocabulary and develop a richer vocal soundscape to take your scene from remarkable to breath-taking. 

Photo by Liquid Lindy 

CAPTURING ACTION                    Thursday Dec 3

with                                               6:30 - 8:00 pm EST

Craig Lawrence

Photographer & Owner of Fight Guy Photography

Certified Teacher, Society of American Fight Directors

A Workshop on Photographing Action and collaborating with your Photographer

The nature of live theatre is that it is temporary. We know the show will close, but we want the memories of the beautiful work we created to live on. We often want to capture the work for posterity and publicity. Join seasoned photographer Craig Lawrence of FightGuy Photography for this workshop on the art of photographing movement. He’ll offer you tips and tricks for taking your own photos as well as food for thought on collaborating with your show or workshop photographer so you can ensure your work is always seen from the best angle. 

PROTECT YOUR PROPS                Tuesday Dec 8

with                                               6:30 - 8:00 pm EST

Neil Massey

Founder & Owner of Rogue Steel

Certified Teacher, Society of American Fight Directors

A workshop on theatrical weapon care and maintenance

Join Rogue Steel Founder & Owner and theatrical weapons maker extraordinaire Neil Massey for this workshop on how best to care for your props. He’ll share the tricks and tools of his trade and answer your questions so you can keep your weapons in good working order. Whether you have a single sword or a full armory in your care, learning the simple steps for upkeep and some of the more precise processes for long term protection will ensure a long life of swashbuckling in safety for you and your weapons. 

Photo by Dahlia Katz

CLOSURE                                      Tuesday Dec 15

with                                               6:30 - 8:00 pm EST

Siobhan Richardson

Intimacy Director & Coordinator, Fight Director & Instructor

Co-Founder of Intimacy Directors International 

Our goal in performance is to plumb the depths of human experience, and live that genuinely for the audience. In order to do this, each performer benefits from discovering their best methods for Entering and diving into the work, and then fully and completely Exiting that experience. This is helpful for performance/shoot days and rehearsal. It’s also a useful practice during this time of unknowns and multiple stressors. This workshop will share various approaches to Closure (both Entering and Exiting practices), aiming to present the participant with various approaches to start integrating right away. 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
History & Theory
For stage combat Instructors

Taught by

Dan Granke

Certified Teacher & Fight Director 

Society of American Fight Directors

Nigel Poulton

Certified Teacher & Fight Director 

Society of American Fight Directors

Fight Director - Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc

Samantha Egle

Certified Teacher - Society of American Fight Directors

500 hour Certified Pilates Instructor


4:15 - 6:00 pm EST

Full 12 week course: $150 USD (12.50/class)

6 week Module 1: $80 USD ($13.33/class)

2 week Modules 2, 3 & 4: $28 USD each  ($14/class)

Individual Classes $15/class USD

This class will provide stage combat instructors an opportunity to put the pedagogy of our work into context. Through the exploration of the foundational history of western fencing, modern combative systems, anatomy, and acting theory this course will provide knowledge and insight to deepen your work and avenues to enhance your practice. By gaining a deeper understanding of this context of stage combat, the participants will be provided with an excellent platform for a broader cross cultural exploration and integration of influences into the art form.

The Modules: 

1. History of Western Fencing (6 Classes: Sept 13- Oct 25)

Situating stage combat within the western fencing tradition.

- Sept 13: Fencing Theory & Foundations

- Sept 20: Histographic Concepts, I.33 and Sword & Shield Systems

- Sept 27: Longsword

- Oct 11: Sidesword

- Oct 18: The Golden Age of the Rapier

- Oct 25: Smallsword & Classical Fencing

2. Modern Combatives (2 Classes: Nov 1 & 8)  

Situating the influence that martial arts has had in popular culture and stage combat.

3. Foundational Anatomy (2 Classes: Nov 15 & 22) 

Learning to situate the teaching of stage combat within the anatomical knowledge of the body.

4. Actor Training (2 Classes: Dec 6 & 13

Learning to situate the teaching of stage combat within the actor training curriculum.


Something with which to take notes, if you'd like. 



Drop ins permitted! Join us for the whole course or just the modules or individual classes you're most excited about. 

This class is being recorded! Access to the recorded class will be available for one week to students who have registered for the class. We will not be permitting external purchase of this course. 

12 Classes - 4 Modules

1. SEPT 13, 20, 27 & OCT 11, 18, 25

2. NOV 1 & 8

3.  NOV 15 & 22

4. DEC 6 & 13

Footwork with ian image.jpg
Rapier & Dagger


6:00 - 7:00 pm EDT

$60 USD for the first 6 classes or $12/class

The rapier, the gentlemen’s sword of the late 1500’s to late 1600’s, will be taught in combination with a long parrying dagger.  Although some of the work will be historical in nature, in that we will explore the styles of Capo Ferro, Fabris, Giganti and others, the work will chiefly be Rapier & Dagger in stage combat.  Whether you are set to play Tybalt or Milady, skills with the Rapier & Dagger are key skills for any actor.   All that the actor needs to know about fighting with these weapons on stage will be examined.  

This class qualifies for SAFD certification hours and will culminate in the presentation of performed choreography in March 2021. 


A Rapier & Dagger or facsimiles. Click here for our recommendation on how to make one. You can use items such as a dowel or umbrella for your rapier and paint stick or DULL kitchen knife for your dagger.

A ladder buddy - a stand that can hold a sword or stick to offer you opposition. It can be a stick clamped to a door jam, secured in a laundry basked or bungee corded to a ladder. Click here for a few pictures of how we made one.


None. This class will start at the beginning of training the system.


Drop ins permitted! Join us for the whole course or just the classes you're most excited about. 

This class is being recorded! Access to the recorded class will be available for one week. 

If you'd like to receive the recording of the class for a particular week, either book the class as if you were attending and you'll be sent the link, or contact us.

This class qualifies for SAFD training hours

2 online hours = 1 credit hour 

This is the first round of classes. We plan to produce 20 classes in this discipline, the maximum number to qualify for SAFD accreditation.

 The intention is to continue classes online for 20 weeks with a week off around the holidays - TBD.
If you purchase classes in the packages of classes as we release them, they will be $10/class. Purchased as individual drops in, classes will be $12/class

First 6 classes (of 20)

Oct 19 - Nov 23

Recorded Classes

Each week our classes run live.

In case you can't join us, some of these classes are recorded.

Each class description will note if the class is being recorded. 

To gain access to the recording, you can either:

Register for the class even if you can't attend it live. You'll be sent the link for the class video. 

Or Contact Us.

Train in your own time! 



PROP WEAPONS & "Partner"


Neither Humble Warrior Movement Arts nor Ian Rose are responsible for the outcome of the product, any results of the building process or use of the prop constructed by any one individual.

warrior WORKOUTS

Warrior Workouts are Dramatic Combat Centric or Inspired Movement Classes.

In person classes have concluded. 

All class videos are still available for engagement.  

Classes average 30 minutes


After making your purchase, you'll have access to the video for as long as it remains active on the site (likely through at least September)

If you cannot afford this but would still like to engage in our WW classes, please CONTACT US

Thanks for training with us! Enjoy the class!



Join Fight Master Ian Rose for weekly swordplay footwork workouts. It will get your body moving, your blood pumping, and keep your feet in fighting shape!

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Single Sword Footwork

Non-Dominant Footwork

Rapier & Dagger Footwork

 "Really appreciate that this is a challenging workout as well 

 as an opportunity to learn/hone

 stage combat skills.

Get's the blood pumping."- Student Testimony




Join Siobhan Richardson each week for a special topics class ranging form dramatic combat to intimacy direction to acting.

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Sword Drills in your Sitting Room

K...Let's Kick

Martial Your Movement – Chinese Kung-Fu

Longsword in Your Living Room

An Introductory Dialogue about Intimacy Direction


“Really good mixture of how

 to do the movement, how to

 make it sustainable, and

 how to perform which is

 both unusual

and very useful!” - Student Testimony




30 minutes

Join Flow Artist Jake Guinn for weekly movement classes that explore various flow arts to open the body and mind to these exciting movement systems.

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Poi Spinning (4 class series)

Stick Tricks/Flair (2 classes)

"Wonderful and thorough.

 Definitely knows his stuff and

 how to teach!" - Student Testimony

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In watching and participating in activities described in this video you agree to the following.

:I am aware that participating in a movement workshop may involve a risk of injury. I am aware that such an injury can limit my future life activities, including future earning capacity. I hereby assume all the associated risks and agree to hold the instructors, choreographers, event coordinators, her officers, employees, agents, representatives, instructors, volunteers, associated venues, associated organizations harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims, or demands of any kind and nature whatsoever which may arise by or in connection with my participation. The terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for myself, my heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignees and for all members of my family. My registration confirms my understanding and agreement of these terms.

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