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Sword & Shield


Ian Rose

6:00 pm EST

Staff in Small Spaces

Jenny Male

Postponed until Fall '21​



Mia McCullough

Postponed until Fall '21


Nigel Poulton

5:00 pm EDT

Our company has been running classes non-stop since the week after the shutdown. We are thrilled to have produced over 180 classes and 2 full weekend workshops. It's been an amazing ride.


With vaccinations on the rise and in-person opportunities drawing people away from their screens, we've decided to postpone our summer classes.

We're going to use the time to take a rest, recuperate after this rollercoaster of a year, and assess how we can best curate our content to serve our community in the new world.

We intend to offer Staff in Small Spaces & Character-Based Playwriting this fall so keep an eye out.

If you're not already on our mailing list, CONTACT US to join it so you'll be in the know when we launch our next round of programming! 

Thank you all for being a part of this community and moving with us throughout these uncertain times.

It's been a pleasure to create a space for you to learn with us.

The Ins & Outs of Intimacy.png

A discussion with Colorado Intimacy Director Samantha Egle.

Monday June 28 - 6:00 pm Mountain Time (Denver, CO)

We are excited you'll be joining us for our discussion of how Intimacy professionals can support your artistic processes. 

Intimacy direction is far more than choreographing sex on stage. These specialized artists, like Samantha, are working in the arts to offer a wide range of resources to build consensual spaces where we can tell dynamic stories with courage and confidence. 

We will discuss the variety of roles intimacy professionals can play depending on the needs of your company and production. They can lend their talents and training to numerous parts of the theatrical process, whether its audition form development, consent and boundary discussions, choreographing intimate moments, or providing closure protocols they can be there to strengthen and support your work. 

 Please fill out the form below to register for the event and receive the zoom link. 


This workshop will be recorded. If you can't attend live, please still register to receive the link to the recording. 

Summer Class Promos (3).png

Taught by Jenny Male

Certified Teacher & Fight Director, SAFD


Time/days TBD

$60 USD for the full 6 class series.


You're not going to need a bigger stick! Or a bigger room. Join us and learn all about the powerful possibilities of Staff fighting while performing choreography and drills in small spaces.  The teacher will cover short form, long form, and fun tricks to help sell these big moves in ways to fit the space.  


1 - A staff

Anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet long depending on your access to space

Instructor will be using 4' and 5' staffs. 


Feel free to creative with staff options (paint roller stick without the roller/brush, broom handle without the broom, etc.), or purchase a staff from a martial arts store. If investing, we recommend a hardwood staff. 

2 - Space to move swing weapons. You can participate even with limited space. 




Drop ins NOT permitted. 

This class is being recorded! Join us live or asynchronously. Access to the recorded class will be available for one week. You can register to attend live or via recording. All students enrolled get access to the recording.

This class qualifies for SAFD training hours in Two Handed Sword (Broadsword)

2 online hours = 1 credit hour 

Must attend class live and work with your video to receive credit.

Copy of Untitled.png

Taught by Nigel Poulton

Certified Teacher & Fight Director, SAFD

Fight Director - Society of Australian Fight Directors inc.

Stunt Performer & Movement Coordinator

Sundays - April 18 - May 23**

5:00 - 6:00 pm EDT

*We have pushed the start date of the class by 1 week. 

$60 USD for the full 6 class series


The katana - characterized by a curved, single-edged blade and wielded with either one or both hands - has become a ubiquitous icon and staple go to for a double handed weapon system. One of its exciting characteristics, aside from its inherent historical, cultural and pop culture resonances, is the way it can be used to promote fluid action and continuous movement. In this class we will go through a multi-step process drawn from various kenjutsu styles, as well as kendo, iaido and Japanese arts. To begin with we will practice basic sword techniques, such as grip, breath, and footwork. Then we will learn cutting, cutting with flow, and then piece together a sequence of flow drills to embody the spirit of this weapon.


1 - A stage combat safe Katana (dull) or a bokken (wooden or plastic training prop) or a stand in dowel about 55 cm  (21in). If using a dowel, denote an edge for yourself with a length of tape.

2 - Space to swing weapons and move your feet




Drop ins NOT permitted you must register for the entire course. 

This class is being recorded! Join us live or asynchronously. Access to the recorded class will be available for one week. You can register to attend live or via recording. All students enrolled get access to the recording.

This class qualifies for SAFD training hours in Two Handed Sword (Broadsword)

2 online hours = 1 credit hour 

Must attend class live and work with your video to receive credit.

Sword & Shield.png
Basics of Sword & Shield 

Ian Rose

Fight Master - Society of American Fight Directors

Fight Directors Canada


April 5 - June 21*

6:00 - 7:00 pm EDT

*You can register for the workshop in two 5 week parts if that's more accessible for your budget/schedule (April 5 - May 3 & May 10 - June 14).

No class on May 31. 

$90 USD for the full 10 week course

$50 USD for 5 classes if you just want to join us for part of the course.

$12 USD for a single drop in class

Is the best defense a good offense? What if you can have both? Join us to explore the system of this classic pairing: The Sword & Shield. In these 10 sessions, we will cover the basics of safe usage of the Sword & Shield either on stage or for film.  All the practical defenses and safe attacks will be addressed and worked into a scenario with a “ladder buddy” for a final presentation before a Fight Master.     

This class qualifies for SAFD certification hours and will culminate in the presentation of performed choreography in June 2021.


A single handed sword approximately 34 inches long including the handle. You can utilize a facsimile of a similar length. Please do something to denote a true edge, like adding tape down the length. 

A shield or shield stand in approximately 16-24 inches in diameter (if round) that can attach to your arm. You're welcome to use a heater shape shield. You can use a cardboard cut out, punch holes and thread ribbon through it. Contact us with questions. 

Visit the Rose Academy Page for a list of recommendations for your Sword & Shield. 

A ladder buddy - a stand that can hold a sword or stick to offer you opposition. It can be a stick clamped to a door jam, secured in a laundry basked or bungee corded to a ladder. Click here for a few pictures of how we made one.


None, but you will get more out of the class if you already have some theatrical sword training experience. This class may not go into full detail on the most basic vocabulary of theatrical swordplay.  


Drop ins permitted - BUT We strongly encourage you to enroll for the full course! The content will build on the previous week's work and vocabulary. 

This class is being recorded! Join us live or asynchronously. Access to the recorded class will be available for one week. You can register to attend live or via recording. All students enrolled get access to the recording.

This class qualifies for SAFD training hours in Sword & Shield

2 online hours = 1 credit hour 

Must attend class live and work with your video to receive credit.

Summer Class Promos (1).png

Theik Smith Photography

Character-Based Playwritng



Time/days TBD

$150 USD for the full series

Class size limited to 8 students to ensure plenty of time for individual student work to be presented and offered feedback.

It's time to get those characters out of your head and onto the page. Come find your voice and converse with your characters in this exciting new course. We'll launch into the work with an intensive workshop on character development and an exploration of the building blocks of a play. Then we'll dive into your story, reading and analyzing your scenes and discussing how to shape a story dictated by your characters' wants and needs. This class is appropriate for beginners and for more experienced playwrights looking to change their approach to the craft.


1 - Something to write with & on. 

2 - You must be able to convert your work into PDFs for sharing during class.




Class size is limited.

Drop ins NOT permitted

This class is NOT being recorded! 


Recorded Classes

We record many of our classes and make the recordings available for the week between classes.

How do you get access you ask? 

There are 2 ways: 


Register for the LIVE option and receive the recording link emailed

to you within 24 hours after you join us for the live event. 

Register for the RECORDED option and receive the recording link emailed

to you within 24 hours after the conclusion of the live event. 


If you decide you're interested after the live class took place...

Just email us by clicking here. 

Tell us what class you want to view. 

Within 24 hours we will send you a payable invoice

followed by the link to the class recording.

Then train in your own time.

Recordings are only available for 7 days after the live event took place.

Don't let your schedule keep you from training with us!




Neither Humble Warrior Movement Arts nor Ian Rose are responsible for the outcome of the product, any results of the building process or use of the prop constructed by any one individual.


warrior WORKOUTS

Warrior Workouts are Dramatic Combat Centric or Inspired Movement Classes.

In person classes have concluded. 

All class videos are still available for engagement.  

Classes average 30 minutes


After making your purchase, you'll have access to the video for as long as it remains active on the site (likely through at least September)

If you cannot afford this but would still like to engage in our WW classes, please CONTACT US

Thanks for training with us! Enjoy the class!

Jake week 3.jpg



Join Fight Master Ian Rose for weekly swordplay footwork workouts. It will get your body moving, your blood pumping, and keep your feet in fighting shape!

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Single Sword Footwork

Non-Dominant Footwork

Rapier & Dagger Footwork

 "Really appreciate that this is a challenging workout as well 

 as an opportunity to learn/hone

 stage combat skills.

Get's the blood pumping."- Student Testimony




Join Siobhan Richardson each week for a special topics class ranging form dramatic combat to intimacy direction to acting.

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Sword Drills in your Sitting Room

K...Let's Kick

Martial Your Movement – Chinese Kung-Fu

Longsword in Your Living Room

An Introductory Dialogue about Intimacy Direction


“Really good mixture of how

 to do the movement, how to

 make it sustainable, and

 how to perform which is

 both unusual

and very useful!” - Student Testimony




30 minutes

Join Flow Artist Jake Guinn for weekly movement classes that explore various flow arts to open the body and mind to these exciting movement systems.

Previous classes available for viewing: 

Poi Spinning (4 class series)

Stick Tricks/Flair (2 classes)

"Wonderful and thorough.

 Definitely knows his stuff and

 how to teach!" - Student Testimony

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