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We at Humble Warrior Movement Arts are dedicated to providing opportunities for  artists to continue their training and stay connected with their community amidst the challenges of recent times. 

We had done what we can to curate educational experiences and price them as affordably as possible. But there are still financial barriers in place for some.

So, we've launched this scholarship fund and are asking for your participation! 

Whether as a donor, an applicant or a supporter we are so thankful for your engagement.

Donate to HH

If you find yourself with the means to contribute to this fund, you will be directly supporting individual artists and practitioners of the movement arts.

The funds will be allocated to individuals who are selected through our application process and used to cover course fees for our programming so the recipient can participate in our training.

We are dedicated to compensating our instructors well for their time and expertise, paying our staff for their tireless efforts, and utilizing our resources to bring students the best possible experience. This is what your donation is supporting

Our training connects students with talented and acclaimed instructors from around the world and offers them online access to develop their skills and advance their artistic technique.

Questions? Contact Us.


HWMA is not a registered non-profit organization and so cannot offer you a tax deductible receipt.


We are so grateful for your support and contribution.

Thank you.

Support HH

You can lend your support without donating

Our community is bolstered by the strength of its members.

You can share this donation opportunity within your own network. 

You can also support us and our mission by liking and following us on social media

Reacting to and sharing our posts are another great way to help us.

Thank you for your support!

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Even in the best of times, we appreciate that financial stability can be a luxury in our industry.

Finding the money to train and pursue the work can be an endeavor. 

As a part of our community, we don't want your budget to bar you from taking our classes.

We ask you apply thoughtfully and if your need is sincere. 
You are members of our Fight Family and we trust you. 

The application will collect your contact information as well as a few short answer questions.

Please be thorough but succinct in your responses. 

As funds are donated, we will select and contact scholarship recipients to discuss for what you would like to register and how you would like to apply the funds.

Questions? Contact Us.

Apply for HH
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