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Welcome to The Social Distance Showdown!

A Virtual Weekend

Stage Combat Workshop

SDS 2.0

is coming

Oct 3-4,  2020

2.0 Instructor Applications Open

May Workshop Class Recordings Available!

See below.

Welcome to the Resistance!

A band of fighters actively opposing the forces of “Social Distancing”. 


We may all be dutifully sequestered and physically distancing, 

but we refuse to let that keep our community apart! 

We are thrilled to offer you an entire weekend of opportunities

to gather, train and strengthen our bonds of fellowship!


What is the Social Distance Showdown? 

The SDS is a 2 Day Virtual Weekend Workshop. 

Over the course of the weekend, a plethora of classes will be offered covering all manner of stage combat topics. 


We’ve assembled a staff of renowned professionals from around the world eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you in the comfort of your own home. 


Classes have been tailored to engagement in your space, whatever shape that may be. Though some may encourage a bit of creativity on your part. 


No weapons? No problem! Weapon based classes offer alternative in-home items you can use to engage with the work.


While we cannot replace the losses of the 8 stage combat workshops that could not take place this spring, nor compare to the revelry of an in-person workshop, we hope you will join us in our virtual classrooms.



We're offering 3 Structures of Classes

Food for Thought


Experts will explore particular aspects of the field and share their knowledge in a presentation format. 

There will be opportunities to ask questions.

On Your Feet

Active Classes

Instructors will lead and demonstrate an active stage combat training session which you can follow along at home. 

They’re designed to be performed in your space and with ordinary objects if you’ve no theatrical weapons available. 

There will be opportunities to ask questions but not much, if any, individual feedback.

Close Encounters

Small Class Seminars

Getting a little more up close and personal, these seminars will be limited space classes for folks to engage a little more deeply either in conversation about a particular topic or practice of a particular discipline and receive more individual feedback.

If the class is full, we will start a wait-list. For more details click here.

Many of our live classes at the workshop were recorded.

If you attended one of these classes, you'll have received an access code via email to replay the class for free.

If you're looking to take a class for the first time, simply click on the class to be taken to our vimeo page where you can purchase the class.

You'll have access to the class until August 23.

Ready to roll? Just click below on the class  you'd like to enjoy.

On Your Feet

Food for Thought

Close Encounters

Producing Companies


Live Registration for SDS 2.0 will open in a few weeks.


To access the videos from our May Workshop click here.


Tuition Rates

With the flexibility of the internet comes the freedom for you to 

choose your own adventure for this workshop! 



To help keep our tuition low, we will not be providing a complimentary t-shirt.

However, should you want to urchase some merchandise (T-shirt, mug, mouse pad etc.) you can!

Just visit our SDS Merch Store: Click here! 

Can't wait to join us next time? 

Like our Facebook Page to hear our announcements first!

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Terms & Conditions

To download the terms and conditions, click the PDF icon below.


How do I download Zoom?

Download Zoom by clicking here.

I've never used Zoom, what do I need to know?


Check out Zoom's tutorials by clicking here.

Can I get Certified during this workshop?


No. Additionally, please note that the Society of American Fight Directors has qualified that only in-person hours can be counted towards SPT training hours. 

If other members of my household want to participate do they need to register?


Yes. Anyone who engages with our content must register and pay separately as well as agree to the terms and conditions.


Do I need previous stage combat experience?


For some of the classes, you might, but it should be clear in the description whether that class can be engaged with if you're brand new to the work. Unsure? Contact us.

Do I need my own theatrical weapons?


No! You may see some teachers utilize stage combat weapons while teaching their classes, however, they will offer an alternative prop you find in your home (kitchen spoon instead of a sword for example). If you're unsure of what you'll need for any given class, check the description.  But if you have a theatrical weapon that you’d like to use, and the space to use it, you’re welcome to do so!

What do I need for class?


Each class will have different needs and for some you may need to locate some items within your space to use. Each class description will detail what they recommend having at the ready. We also recommend having water close at hand, and an open mind. 

Will there be Social Distance Showdown Workshop T-Shirts?

You better believe it! Unfortunately we are unable to provide a free shirt with registration, however, you can purchase a shirt and have it shipped to your home by clicking here!

How long is registration open? 


Workshop Registration will be open for Weekend Passes, 1 Day Passes for Saturday or Sunday and all A La Carte classes  until 11:59pm EDT on Friday 5/15. You can register for 1 Day Passes for Sunday and Sunday A la Carte classes until 11:59 pm EDT on Saturday 5/16.

How does class sign up work?


Once you have registered and paid, you will be emailed a form to fill out with the classes you’d like to attend. The day prior to the event you will be sent an email with all of the zoom links for the classes for which you are signed-up.


What happens if I need to adjust my registration or class schedule?

If you need to change your registration or class sign ups/personal schedule, just fill out this form! We will do our best to accommodate requested changes. If your request is to transition into a Close Encounter small group seminar and it is full, we will let you know. 

What is the class limit for Close Encounters (Small Group Seminar) Classes?

Each class will have its own class limit based on the instructor's structure for the class. If the class is full when you register, you will be added to the wait-list for the class if desired. Then if a spot opens up in the class we will contact you. 

I only want to take one specific class and it's full. What do I do?

You can add your name to the wait-list and we will contact you if a spot becomes available. See below for more details.

How does the wait-list for the Close Encounters (Small Group Seminars) work?

With limited capacity in our Close Encounters classes, we will be curating wait-lists on a first come-first serve basis. If a spot opens up you will be contacted. Response is critical and mandatory to then reserve your spot in the class. If a spot becomes available BEFORE May 14, you will receive an email and have 24 hours to confirm your continued interest in claiming the spot in the class. If a spot opens up May 14 and AFTER you will get a call or text depending on your preferred contact method and have a 3 hour window to confirm your interest in claiming the spot in the class. If you do not respond within the designated window, the spot may be offered to the next person on the wait-list. Use this form to sign up for a wait-list CLICK HERE.

Will classes be recorded and shared at a later date?

At the instructors' discretion, classes will be recorded and made available for future access for individuals who attended the live class. If you would like to purchase access to the recording of a class you didn't attend, there will likely be an avenue through which to do so. It is possible these recorded videos will not be posted until 1 month after the live event. If you registered for the class, you will be notified of their posting. 

Will I be shown in the recording?

The recording of Zoom meetings features only the speaker of the class. This will often be the teacher. If you are muted, your video won't be part of the recording. If you unmute yourself and speak, then you will likely have anything you say aloud and the video of you saying it included in the recording. 

How should I ask questions in class?

The best way to ask questions is to use the chat function in the Zoom meeting. If you unmute yourself and ask, you may be featured in the recording of the class later posted online. 

Can I split up my 1 Day Pass between classes on both days?

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate a division of a day pass. If you want to take classes on both days but don't want to get the full Weekend Pass, we recommend purchasing the appropriate number of single classes. 



What happens if I hurt myself or break something?

With the instructor unable to be present in your physical space and see it fully, you assume all liability for yourself, your space, the objects and other persons within it. These classes will be taught with safety in mind, as all stage combat training is, however, we cannot see into your space and accommodate for all circumstances in your world. We claim no responsibility for any injury or damaged property. For further details, please refer to the liability waiver you signed in advance of the workshop. We recommend you take all possible precautions in preparing your space for engagement with the classwork.

f you get seriously injured please use your discretion in calling 911 and seeking medical attention. 

What happens if my internet cuts out or my technology kicks me out of class?

Simply restart/relaunch your Zoom. We will have monitors in each room keeping an eye on the wait room. 

Do you have tech support?


We will be using Zoom. If you have trouble downloading it or using it on your device, contact them directly. We will be on hand during the workshop to offer advice and potentially assist you in troubleshooting your issue, directing you to the right buttons. We recommend you ensure you're able to log into your zoom account at least a day before the workshop. We are not able to offer substantial or in-depth tech support across all technological issues that may arise through this medium on your personal device, but will do our best to help where we can.

Do I need a Zoom Pro account to participate?

 Nope! You will need an active email address, to download Zoom and set up a Zoom account. The free account will work just as well as any other account level to engage with our classes. 

What is the refund policy?

All tuition payments may be refunded if registration is withdrawn and cancelled before 11:59 pm EDT on May 11th. A 50% refund can be issued if cancellation is executed between May 12 - and 11:59 EDT on May 13. No refunds will be issued May 14th and beyond. Please contact us directly to make changes to your registration.

Can I get a refund for the class if my technology doesn't work?

Unfortunately, after a class has begun we are unable to issue refunds for technical issues on your end. However, you will still be eligible to receive a recording of the missed class. If it is in advance of the class or workshop, we will handle these inquiries on an individual basis.



Samantha Egle

Samantha is a certified teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors based in Denver, Colorado. She works as a fight and intimacy director throughout Colorado. She is also a 500 hr certified Pilates Instructor, associate instructor of teachers-in-training. She is on the Board of Directors of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen and is the founder of

Humble Warrior Movement Arts LLC.

For more, click here

Jonathan Ezra Rubin

Jonathan is a Fight & Intimacy Director in the DC Metro Area, as well as the current Associate Artistic Director & former Managing Director for Flying V. He is a 3 time Helen Hayes Award Nominee for Outstanding Choreography, an Advanced Actor/Combatant with the SAFD, Apprenticed with IDI, and is an Associate Member of SDC. His work has been seen on stage at Flying V, The Studio Theatre, Signature Theatre, GALA Hispanic Theatre, Adventure Theatre-MTC, Georgetown University, and more!

Mike Lubke

Mike is an SAFD Certified Teacher based in Minneapolis, MN.  He is the resident Fight Director and founding member of Six Elements Theatre, as well as the owner/lead instructor for private stage combat classes through Art In Arms, LLC.

James Finley

James is a fight choreographer and actor who has been working in the DC area for over 15 years. He and his work have been seen on numerous area stages, including NextStop, Keegan, Rorschach, Flying V, AvantBard, and Constellation Theatres. He is a company member at Flying V Theatre, Co-Communications Director with Live Action Theatre, and an Advanced Actor-Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors.

George Stephanie Miller

George is the Logistics Coordinator and  founding member of Six Elements Theatre Company. She is a Stage Manager and Properties Designer in St. Paul, Minnesota.



Nathaniel is the Executive Director of Six Elements Theatre Company and co-owner of Combat Chess United. He is a theatrical producer, director, stage manager and performer based out of Minneapolis, MN.

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